Set Design and Fabrication for Stop Motion Animation

At Laika I served as one of three set designers for “The BoxTrolls” and “ParaNorman”. At Will Vinton Studios, I served as set designer on television shows “Gary and Mike”, and “The PJs”. In addition, I have collaborated as a painter and fabricator on several commercials at Will Vinton Studios and Bent Image Labs over the years.

  • For Laika, Bent Image Labs, and Will Vinton Studios
  • Date 1997 and counting.

A frame from the Market Square set. (BoxTrolls, Laika, Inc.)

The 23 buildings that make up Market Square, based on Brussels Place, Belgium. There were 5 versions of this set constructed in order to accommodate the shooting schedule. (BoxTrolls, Laika, Inc.)

This drawing details the architectural features so that the tops of the buildings could be replicated in VFX. (BoxTrolls, Laika, Inc.)

A frame with Eggs in Snatcher’s Factory. (BoxTrolls, Laika, Inc.)

The truss system for Snatcher’s Factory, very carefully “irregularized”. (BoxTrolls, Laika, Inc.)

School Exterior – the finished product on stage, esential clutter and all. (ParaNorman, Laika Inc.)

ParaNorman School Exterior Overview (illustration by Ross Stewart). (ParaNorman, Laika Inc.)

ParaNorman School Exterior – elevations. (ParaNorman, Laika Inc.)

ParaNorman School Exterior – ground plan. (ParaNorman, Laika Inc.)